Mosquito Control

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The Back Yard Plague

Mosquitos are a pain! They rule your yard and make it an uncomfortable experience to be outside. Mosquitos control your yard in the summer. Trespassing on their turf provokes them to attack with itchy, annoying, and uncomfortable itchy red bumps. No matter what you try, bug spray, bug-repelling bracelets, bug zappers, nothing seems to work. Not only are mosquitos annoying, but they can also be dangerous! These nuances carry diseases such as the West Nile Virus or the Zika Virus!
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Bite Back With Greenway!

It’s time to take your yard back! Greenway investigates your yard for standing water and other breeding grounds for these pests. Our expert lawn technicians spray a barrier around your yard that is deadly to mosquitos, and harmless to your family and pets!  We do 6 total rounds of this in our full program to ensure the bugs stay away. 2 spring, 2 summer, and 2 fall applications. Contact Greenway today, and bite back against the pest we all hate most!

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